Wednesday, February 20, 2008

At last

At last, indeed: we have normal electricity service. We're out a couple of thousand already, and we haven't got the bill yet from the backhoe sub. What joy.

Anyway . . . .

Since I had to roll out so early (for me, anyway) this morning to deal with the electrician and the backhoe guy, I am sleeping on my feet (or in my chair, anyway). Thus, once again, a really short entry.

The horse-race pundits are amusing, as always. Read one bunch, and you see it's impossible for Clinton to win; read another bunch, and you see it's impossible for Obama to win. Let me give you all a clue: one of those two sets of fools is wrong.

It looks crystal-clear at this point that neither candidate is likely to come into the Convention with enough "pledged" delegates (the ones the primaries and caucuses select) to be the clear nominee. Thus, barring a medium-to-large miracle, it's going to come down to the automatic delegates, aka "super delegates" (though there's not much super about any of them).

If one candidate or the other has a marked lead, even if short of the needed minimum on pledged delegates alone, most likely the automatics will swing to her or him. But if the difference is small enough (as it is likely to be) that only spinmeisters could call it material, then the fun starts. It's anyone's guess, but in that case were I a betting man I'd bet on Clinton. I suspect the party elders will feel more comfortable going into the general election with a candidate who has political assets beyond a convincing and exciting ability to chant "Kumbaya".

We shall see.

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