Thursday, February 28, 2008

Now we know

It was an interesting question: which would be a more troublesome matter, a presidential candidate who is black or one who is female? The flavor of even the major media's coverage makes it clear--a man, be he white, black, brown, green, or purple--is clearly more acceptable than a woman.

The MSM ("mainstream media" if your not a blogaholic) seem to really, really write off Hillary Clinton as done and over without the tiresome bother and fuss of primaries and conventions. Get the damn broad outta here so we good ol' boys can get back to business as usual. MSNBC is perhaps at the head of the pack here (well, maybe Fox--I wouldn't know as I don't pollute my eyes with it), but they're all, print, broadcast, and web, pretty much running that way.

The rest of the world has been paying attention not so much because a black man is in the race as because a woman is. Everywhere else in the first world, women national leaders are not news, so it is, if we may put it this way, news that it is news in the U.S.

Well, Ms. Clinton is a ways yet from being out of it. It is said that even Mr. Obama's own campaign is, right now, seeing her winning both of The Big Two still coming, Ohio and Texas.

I hope so. Mr. Obama is clearly a bright and well-intentioned fellow, but he has a lot of dues yet to pay before he is ready for the #1 job (and his health-care "plan" is one evidence of that).

We shall see . . .

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