Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello, I must be going

Now that I've spent more time than I care to consider getting just the framework of this new blog in place, I suppose I ought to make a first post to justify the effort. As I am tired and haven't had much time for thought today, I will merely assemble, from the day's on-line headlines from here and there, a list one might call "Oh really?"

  • A Health Plan for Wal-Mart: Less Stinginess
  • Bhutto Put Under House Arrest Again
  • Airline websites are 'misleading'
  • Democrats say hidden costs double war price
  • Recession hinges on overcoming debt
  • Somalia's War Flares Up Again
  • Ship may have strayed from course before spill
  • Blacks Trail in Growth of Income
  • In Hollywood Hives, the Males Rule
  • Challenges to Both Left and Right on Global Warming
And last but not least in this collection of Things You Would Never Have Guessed (Unless Your IQ Exceeds 37) . . . News Bytes of the Week--Ovulating Strippers Make Bigger Tips.

Remember, for each of those, someone, somewhere, under the unlikely designation "journalist", was paid money. Good night and good luck.

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