Monday, March 3, 2008

Just saying hello

I don't know if I can continue trying to hold to the pace of a blog post a day. It was fun there for a while, but--as with so many others--I discover that done properly it eats my life.

I maintain (or, more correct, try to maintain) about a dozen web sites, some of which are in the top Google ranking for their topics. Each of those sites, done properly, would be about a full-time task, so you can see that necessarily none of them is being done properly. To add, in effect, yet another site was not wise.

Well, we'll see how I feel tomorrow. Today I am not only exhausted mentally and physically, but still dealing with a lingering cold-or-whatever-it-is, which drags even more.

OK, ok, you're tired of my groans. Truth to tell, so am I.

Hasta manana.

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