Sunday, March 2, 2008

Too little, maybe too late

So finally they're getting around to noticing:

So, like, where the bleep have you all been before this? Sleeping?

Look, here, at Andrea Mitchell of NBC, a key example of the problem:
“Part of it is her campaign’s fault,” Andrea Mitchell, the longtime NBC political correspondent, said backstage at the MSNBC debate in Cleveland in Tuesday. “They started with this notion of inevitability. And they were very arrogant.”
Excuse me?!?

You, the mainstream media, on whom altogether too many Americans rely for information, decide how to present a candidate's credentials for the highest office in the known universe based--admittedly based--on how your little egos were or were not stroked?

Holy Moly, is it any wonder we're where we are today? Rhetorical question, answer to which is NO.

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