Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ah, science

The miracles wrought by modern science for even the plebeian details of everyday life are not to be under-estimated. For example, consider the marvellous new fibers and blends available for making clothing from. I would wager the farm that the shirt I am wearing right now will, with just one washing, come out completely free from any of the stains it might acquire from the bleeding of my heart over His Giulianiness's misadventures in Florida. Wondrous, simply wondrous, science.

With Huckabee now at the 14:46 stage of his 15 minutes of fame, it seems to becoming down to Honest John (in the red, white, and blue trunks) and the Mauling Morman (in the hair trunks), each now sitting in his corner sucking a lemon and waiting for the bell to ring for Super-Duper Tuesday.

I daresay both Ms. Clinton and Mr. Obama are licking their chops: either of those guys is fresh meat. The polls show McCain doing best of all the Republicans against any given Democrat, but that means less than nothing at this stage. Let him become the candidate, and the waters will flow mightily. McCain's centerpiece of campaigning seems to be, translated (and it doesn't take much translation), I'm the new, improved George Bush. Economic problems? Cut taxes on the rich. Foreign-relations problems? Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

And we may even have heard the last of (for those who ever heard the first of) Michael Bloomberg's sort-of-non-candidacy.

I've had worse days.

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