Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So much blog, so little time

I'm busy today preparing some supporting info for a major metropolitan Daily interested in the Steroids and Baseball web site, so just a very brief couple of notes.

Newly disclosed documents support earlier reports that the EPA's own legal staff told its director that disapproval by the EPA of California's "waiver request" allowing it to impose auto-emissions standards more strict than the federal ones would a) surely result in a lawsuit, and b) that the EPA would surely lose that suit.

So why would the EPA take the obviously stupid course it did?

Auto companies, especially struggling U.S.-based manufacturers, fiercely opposed the attempt by California to impose new emissions regulations, which would sharply increase mileage requirements for their vehicles in that state and any others that adopted the change.
And when Big Industry talks, President Cheney Bush listens--closely.

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If you want to know just why the Indiana photo-ID voter law is A Bad Thing, read this report. But when the Republican Party talks, the Supremes listen--closely.

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