Friday, December 14, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Working on the Mitchell Report is taking more time than I anticipated, especially with the time I am putting in constructing a full web page on the folly of the entire steroids affair, so no comments on it yet, save a very few very short pickings from here and there about what others have said.

John Blanchette, whom I select as a sample purely because he writes in the only daily newspaper we receive, had--among other crisp comments--this to say:

This was a bloated timeline salvaged only by a couple of locker-room dirtbags with no place to turn, just as a leak-happy lawyer and a mad mistress drove the Bonds story.

Other notes

Of course, the attempts to bring even a tincture of sanity to our national Farm Bill failed. Most interesting, to me, was this detail:
The recipients include farms run by the Arkansas Department of Corrections, which produces cotton and other crops using convict labor. Federal subsidies to a state plantation worked by prisoners who don't get paid: now that's enterprising.

Japan has its knickers in a twist over Australia's suggestion that the Australian government may well use military aircraft and ships to monitor and document Japan's "research" whaling within Australia-declared whale sanctuary in the Antarctic Ocean. With such evidence, Australia could haul the Japanese up in the International Court of Justice in The Hague or the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea in Hamburg. The Japanese are smoked: how dare someone document their violations? Especially another nation! Dear me.

The Washington State Attorney general has called for changes in the law governing who can buy guns to prevent people who have been committed to a 14-day involuntary inpatient program for "mental-health issues" from being eligible (as it is, nothing less than a 90-day involuntary commitment is an obstacle to buying a gun in Washington State). It will be interesting to see what the gunzos put up in their inevitable opposition. "Nutzos have rights, too"?

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