Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some Baseball Homework

I'm still slogging away on a definitive web page on steroids, but here--in no special order--are a few important links that have fallen out of my quest, and I urgently recommend them to anyone at all interested in this topic. Let me just say that just about everything you thought you knew is probably wrong.

"Breaking Bonds", Matt DeMazza, Playboy blog, 11.19.07

Wikipedia: Anabolic steroids: "Misconceptions and controversies"

In 2000, scientists at the University of Rhode island physically examined baseballs from several widely separated seasons.

A CT scan of 1998 baseballs done by Pennsylvania State University in conjunction with Universal Medical Systems also found, um, interesting things about them.

Professor Arthus DeVany's paper (available on line), "Steroids, Home Runs and the Law of Genius"

Sports Illustrated's Curious COVERage of Barry Bonds

The Physics of Baseball by Robert K. Adair (Sterling Professor Emeritus of Physics, & Senior Research Scientist in Physics, Yale University).

Anabolic Steroids in Sport and Exercise, Charles E. Yesalis

Pumped-Up Hysteria (Reason magazine)

Sports Illustrated's Curious COVERage of Barry Bonds

Science Buzz, May 17th, 2006: Do steroids help Barry Bonds hit home runs?

Science Buzz, May. 04th, 2007: A numbers game -- Gustavus students study steroids' impact on home-run hitters

Baltimore Sun, October 24, 2007: Effects of hGH a cloudy issue, experts say

Chicago Reader, "Hot Type", September 28, 2007: The Dope and the Dopes

Sabernomics, September 28th, 2007: Another Good Article about GH

Salon, "King Kaufman's Sports Daily", May 16, 2005: "We want to burn witches" -- an interview with Will Carroll, author of "The Juice"

Steroid Law, April 29, 2005: Steroids and Sports: interview with Norm Fost, M.D.

The Boston Globe [December 12, 2004]:"Are steroids as bad as we think they are?"

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