Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Short Takes

It's been a long day and I'm tired, so just a few brief scribbles for today.

The blockbuster new National Intelligence Estimate on Iran has produced an utterly predictable response from President Cheney's sockpuppet: everything I've been saying and telling you for years now about Iran was dead wrong, which just proves how right I've been. Right, got it, chief.

More responsible voices are joining the chorus of boos about the continuing omission of marvin miller from the Hall of Fame (see yesterday's blog), among them Alan Barra at the Village Voice, whose column ("Hall of Shame"--we baseball commentators are so predictable) sums it nicely.

Also, though the Senate has just passed a bill calling for the FCC to extend its consideration of changes to the media-ownership rules (again see yesterday's blog), and even with the House likely to do the same, do not abandon your efforts to file a comment with the FCC, because extension does not equate to change of mind. You should also let your Senators and Representative know your feelings.

That's all folks . . . .

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